The Pros And Cons Of Complete Juice Detox Programs

Complete juice detox programs have been the subject of debates among nutritionists, well care experts and personal trainers. Bottled greens and cold-pressed juices are readily available at supermarkets and coffee chains because the health fad is the current trend particularly with the endorsements of several celebrities.

Over the years, the juicing trend has become a talk of the town and seriously praised by health enthusiasts as a quick and efficient low calorie source of nutrients. However, there are also people who denounce juicing as potentially dangerous and cannot sustain the loss of pounds in record time. They do not think it is healthy to drink your meals for consecutive days because it can affect health. For someone who is working, slurping your meals while others are enjoying the tasty cuisine of New York can be very frustrating.

On the other hand, according to leading nutritionist Susie Burrell, there is nothing technically wrong with a juice detox if compared to toxic weight loss programs. Those on juice detox can lose a couple of kilos while feeling lighter and more energized. The big issues however, are the presence of sugar in fruit-based juice. Large volumes of fruit-based juices when consumed for an extended period of time are not good for health because it wrecks havoc on the insulin and glucose levels.

Another major concern is the inadequacy of essential nutrients including protein when one follows a complete juice detox program. According to Dwayne Anthony, a personal trainer and founder of The Collective Elite, he is strongly against cleanses through complete juice detox programs and does not recommend it to his female clients. The body is detoxified from whatever toxins when the liver and kidneys are doing their work. There is no need for an external source to help with cleansing because there is a natural detoxification process.

There are safe and effective ways to lose weight. If your goal is to feel totally relaxed and rejuvenated, try Phuket Cleanse that is a combination of juicing, raw healthy food, yoga and oil massage that can alleviate stress. Detox and cleansing are undertaken in a retreat where you will enjoy the unique beauty of Phuket.