The Secret Islands Of Thailand

If you think you have seen everything there is after taking ferries to Samui, Koh Tao &Koh Phangnan then you are mistaken – big time! There are still a lot of hidden gems in the Kingdom that you are yet to discover. The nation of Thailand is comprised of many tropical islands that boast of clear-blue water, shining sun and white sand. It is also a haven for people who wanted to experience the culture of Thais, to see their temples firsthand and taste their exquisite dishes. It is no wonder that Thailand continues to be on the bucket list of many travelers and wanderers all over the world.

KohSamui is quite a popular island, like many others, with thousands of visitors arriving at the same time. What tourists don’t know is that there are a number of other islands that are practically remote and undiscovered yet. All of these unexplored gems are located in the southern part of Thailand.

One of the most notable is the Similan Islands which is composed of 11 islands. It is located at the northern side of Phuket. The largest island of the group is Koh Similan and it is a perfect hideaway with its clear beaches, white sand and coconut trees all around. It is recommended for people who are into scuba diving because of a facility there that will assist you to have a close encounter with various marine creatures.

If you listen to the whispers of locals, you will hear an island called KohBulonLeh. This is not known to many and it is very small as one can explore the island from end to end in just 20 minutes. The nature is not yet spoilt by tourism and perfect for a relaxing trip without the crowd.

Lastly, you should not miss checking out KohPhayam. It is a place where there are no roads available and one will notice that infrastructure is lacking in the area. It is perfect for an isolated holiday while enjoying various activities such as snorkeling, diving, yoga and kite surfing among many others. After you have purchased ticket for ferries to Samui, Koh Tao &KohPhangnan, don’t forget to get a glimpse of these rare gems.