The Single Brown Woman As Depicted In Pop Art

The internet was in frenzy after SamyuktaMadhu posted high relatable topics in her wildly coloured pop art works. Samyukta believes that the single brown woman is on a new age of acceptance and equality. People will tell her what she can and what she can’t do but she can always fight for herself.

When Samyukta started with pop art, it was her way of documenting her feelings and experiences in melancholic and funny situations in her daily life. Little did she know that her relatable pop artworks would gain an overwhelming reaction from online viewers. In the space of one week, one of her posts went viral. Her Instagram followers increased from 900 to 13,000 because they loved her raw and honest work.

Samyukta is humbled to think that people were able to relate to her art. The 22-year old Brooklyn-based graduate from Parsons School of Design is now a multidisciplinary digital designer. According to Samyukta, art does not need to have a reason that is why she does not explain why her work features tentacle women, an electric Medusa and neon-glazed pieces on sexual exploration. Some of her works are more traditional with a beautiful normal girl as a fierce kali, a bejewelled Indian woman holding a cigarette in one hand and woman wearing a bindi and dressed in a t-shirt that reads “Shabash” meaning well done.

Samyukta’s pop art is a vivid display of pink colour while exploring sexuality without any inhibitions, body shaming, Indian feminism and taboos in India’s society. She believes that pink speaks to her deeply because it is a representation of female spirit and the vulnerability of man’s emotions. She also thinks that pink is the colour of the present generation because it is an equalizer. However, while reactions to her work are generally positive, there are also hateful comments using religious sentiments as their basis.

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