Tips For Effective Corporate Team Activities

A corporate team activity goes with specific objectives. Some of these objectives include the improvement of team performance, relationships, communications, renewed commitment and overcoming inter-personal obstacles that affect work performance. To attain these goals, it is important to have an effective facilitator who will help in drawing out the talents, skills and thoughts of participants in order to achieve effective and more enjoyable corporate team activities. To hire a good facilitator, here are some ideas.

Take an internet research

If your unit is rather small and you are only having a team building for your unit alone and not the entire organization, you can organize and facilitate the event on your own. Make a research for applicable games on the internet according to your intended activity result. If you have team members who have excellent facilitation skills for handling team activities, you can just assign the person and have some volunteers for assistance. Another option is to split the team into smaller groups to host segments of your corporate team activities. Conducting a team building by yourselves allows you to save money and will also enhance your team’s facilitation skills and confidence.

Hire expert facilitators

If you have a medium or large size organization, it would be best to hire external or third party expert facilitators for the activity instead. A large group can be challenging to handle and would require expertise to handle the event effectively. Hire facilitators with excellent feedback from their former clients. Another thing to check is the length of service the facilitators have on the field. Visit the official websites of various service providers in your area to determine the services and expertise offered by the company.

Book ahead

Those who are experts in hosting corporate team activitiesare quite in demand in the industry. Their professional services is not the only thing you need to place reservations on but you also have to think about the venue, the food and drinks and other important aspects related to the activity. Place your reservations ahead to ensure that you will have experts to facilitate your activity on the day of your schedule.