Tips On How Shoes Can Be Stored Properly

The way that shoes are stored is very important because it preserves their quality long term without taking too much space in the home. One of the shoe storage options that you should consider is shoe cupboards that are made from oak. By storing shoes in a cupboard, the shoes retain their shape and avoid irreparable damage.

Shoe storage is always an issue for people who have a passion for collecting different types of shoes with no place to keep them. Shoes must not be piled one on top of the other because by the time that you need them, they are already dirty. Besides that if there is no proper storage for shoes, it is difficult to find a favorite pair once it is needed.

How to ensure that shoes are stored properly

  • Gather all your shoes and count how many pairs you own. Basically, the different types of shoes that a woman must own include flats, smart heels, casual lace-ups, classy heels and sneakers.
  • Sort out all the shoes and select those that are still wearable. You will notice that there are shoes which are already heavily damaged due to improper storage. It is also very likely that some of the shoes are already out of fashion. Some of shoes you have kept in the inner part of closet were not actually worn because they are uncomfortable and painful to wear.
  • Shoes that you will no longer wear can be given to charity, sold online or recycled. Do not throw your shoes in the trash not unless they are already heavily damaged to be worn because they will only add to the waste in landfills.
  • Sort the shoes in good condition; store them according to color or tone like beige, black or tan so that they will be easy enough to find.

Oak does not only look nice for shoe cupboards; it is extremely hard and durable. The wood grain is absolutely beautiful that allows it complement easily with the other furniture and fixtures inside the home. Because of its density and high tannin content, oak furniture is resistant to insect and fungus.