Tourist Spots Set For Clean-Up Following Long Holidays

Thailand’s Pollution Control Department (PCD) is going to assist the local administrative organizations to improve the waste management at four different tourist spots in order to create a sustainable tourism.

Clean-up project in Thailand

The PCD is going to work with the country’s Tourism Department under the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and the local authorities in order to clean up Koh Phi Phi in Krabi, Pattaya in Chon Buri, Koh Samet in Rayong, and the province of Petchabun. This is included in a pilot project that aims to make these destinations extra attractive to tourists.

The PCD is going to supply a guide to the local administrative organizations regarding the ways to handle waste water, as well as a guide to waste management.

The deputy chief of PCD Suwan Nanthasarut mentioned that the tourist spots in the whole country had to cope with the growing amount of waste coming from tourists, particularly during the long holidays, that has already affected the environment.

The departments already created a proposal for an action plan regarding garbage management and waste water treatment which was forwarded to every governor and is currently awaiting adoption by the local agencies, according to him.

The plan comprises the techniques on segregating garbage and treating waste water, as well as advice on how to manage public relations.

The departments are going to work collectively with local administrative organizations for them to follow up the cases, as well as evaluate the performance to ensure everything is done based from the plan, he mentioned.

According to him, they want to be able to see lesser waste produced by the tourists. He added that when these tourists are going to bring along fewer things, they are going to also produce a lesser amount of waste.

Meanwhile, the National Parks Office director Songtham Suksawang estimated that there are about 500 tons of waste that are waiting to be handled within the country’s national parks. The authorities are still drafting a plan for this.


Hopefully, tourists are going to realize that there is such thing as responsible tourism. A tourist hotspot is not like, for example, a convenient hotel in Sukhumvit where there are people who automatically clean-up for them.