Trade Boat Sinks Near Grenada

For those looking for an island vacation, the Caribbean islands of Trinidad and Tobago (colloquially collectively referred to as Trinibago) seem like good options. Of course, if you’re considering of visiting, it may be wise to learn a bit about the local area. Besides looking through hotel and resort sites like, it might not hurt to read about the islands. The islands of Trinidad and Tobago are not only island vacation destinations, but trading hubs, being a major exporter of petroleum and other products. As such cargo planes and trade boats are common sights on the islands.

However, tragedy nearly struck the surrounding seas, as a trade boat from the island, headed for St. Vincent and the Grenadines, sank approximately 9 miles from the Grenada coasts, north of Trinidad.

Thankfully, the 9 crewmembers on the ship were saved by Grenada’s local coast guard, who braved turbulent weather to aid the sailors.

The 145 ft cargo boat, the MV Persia II, was carrying several thousand dollars’ worth of groceries, and other important products, set to be delivered for the Vincentians north of Grenada. In the middle of the voyage the vessel had begun to leak; the captain was able to notice the problem and attempted to resolve the problem, but the equipment malfunctioned. He was then forced radio the coast guard, but it was too late, for whilst the crew was rescuable, the ship and all of its contents were not.  The crew was rescued and brought to Grenada for safety.

The owner of the ship, Peter Oliviere of Island Wide Shipping, was thankful for the timely rescue, but expressed sadness towards the incident, so did the local Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, as well as other Vincentians. The MV Persia II was a decorated vessel, having served the seas around St Vincent and the Grenadines for over 20 years, having brought all sorts of products, such as foodstuffs, furniture, appliances, to and from St Vincent and the Grenadines and surrounding islands, such as Trinidad, Tobago and Grenada.

Island Wide Shipping has stated that they are currently working on informing customers that were affected by the incident.

Whilst this incident should not stop tourists from browsing Trinibago sites like, it might be worth appreciating the cargo vessels that pass through the islands.