Trim And Fit Challenge For The Obese And Overweight Policemen In Iskander Puteri

In Iskander Puteri, obese and overweight policemen are being given six months to lose weight otherwise they face the risk of not being promoted. According to OCPD Supt Noor Hashim Mohamad, there are at least 600 policemen from 8 police stations who are 20% obese and 50% overweight.

Supt Noor Mohamad said that it is not good for the image of the policemen to be obese or overweight. Steps must be undertaken to transform the policemen of Iskander Puteri into healthy-looking policemen. One of the possible solutions to help the policemen lose weight is the “Trim and Fit” challenge.

Most of the policemen who had excess weight or obese are 30 years old and above and have been in the police service for more than 5 years. Supt Noor Hashim said that the excess weight carried by the policemen can be attributed to different factors that include lack of exercise, poor diet regimen and stress that is related to their job as policemen.

The Trim and Fit challenge that was initiated by Bukit Aman starts with an hour of exercise program every Thursday at the Mutiara Rini Urban Forest Park. The challenge will start this month so that the policeman that falls under the category of obese and overweight can achieve an ideal weight.

The progress of the policemen will be closely monitored by providing them with the proper guidelines on exercise regimen and how to control their diet. The obese policemen were given a red log book while the overweight received a yellow log book so that they can record and monitor their progress and monthly achievement until the end of June. It is expected by the end of the program in June, the policemen will be leaner, trimmer and healthier men in blue.

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