Trump’s Fire And Fury Digital Version Supposedly Contains Malware

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There are digital versions of Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House by Michael Wolff but online users who try to download the PDF could receive a dose of malware on their computers. According to The Daily Beast, online users may face the risk of viruses or Trojan horses that can infect the laptop or PC.

Many people are interested to read Fire and Fury because it raised questions on whether the president is fit for the office. It is assumed that the president’s staffs have spread malware on the unverified gossip about the president.

There are other digital versions of the book that are sold through digital book dealers like Amazon and Apple which are not infected with virus. If you download the book for free through Torrent, there is a possibility that it contains malware. Torrent is the site where books, music and movies can be downloaded illegally.

The alert regarding the infection PDF version of Trump’s book came from Russian-based firm Kaspersky Lab. According to the report, the book download only contains 230 pages of the 328-page real book. It also includes a Windows executable file. The anti-virus system of your computer can detect the malware but it is better to avoid downloading from suspicious sites.

President Trump called the book a fake and compared his current predicament to former President Ronald Reagan who had to deal with accusations that he was suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease while in office.

If you have inadvertently downloaded a malware, you can always request for computer repairs in Perth so that the malware can be removed. Aside from virus removal, your internet security and firewalls can be fixed to minimize the risks of malware infecting your computer. The problem will be explained in simple terms so that it can be prevented in the future.