Twin Condo Towers Expected To Start Construction In Melbourne This Spring

If there are no hiccups in the processing, the most anticipated twin condominium towers with a height of 100 feet located in the northern part of downtown Melbourne is expected to begin construction this spring. This is according to the Tricon Development of Brevard’s founder, Maurice Kodsi. Visitors who are visiting the city for Melbourne adventure activities might be able to have a glimpse of the new buildings.

The riverside project has been revised from its original plan and was renamed. It is now known as the Paramount Condominiums and is planned to be located in the northern part of Hibiscus Boulevard.

According to the community development director of Melbourne, Cindy Dittmer, engineers made some changes with the original design. As a result, the number of condominium units has been reduced to 72 instead of 85. The building was also changed into U.S. 1 and there is an additional one-storey structure which is going to serve as the parking building.

Teresa Lopez, a councilwoman, said during a regular meeting that the buildings are beautiful and it is considered to be an additional asset to the city of Melbourne.

During the first reading for the site plan change and zoning ordinance of the Paramount Condominiums, the Melbourne City Council made a unanimous decision. The second and final reading is to be held on the 12th of December.

Lopez is curious if the Paramount Condominiums is going to be the tallest buildings in Melbourne soon. Looking at the existing building downtown, the highest is Trinity Towers West with a height of 175 feet while Trinity Towers East has a height of 145 feet. The third running is One Harbor Place with a height measured at 120 feet. Dittmer said that the Harbor Edge Condominium located close to the Crane Creek is only 90 feet.

This is not the only project for Tricon Development of Brevard because they also have a twin condominium towers under construction at the Satellite Beach with a height of 96 feet. Constructions in Melbourne continue and tourists who are planning to experience Melbourne adventure activities will be able to see these new additions soon.