U.S. Postal Service To Move Into New Location

According to research, the current location of the U.S. Postal Service in 1716 Guadalupe Avenue is not economically feasible thus the organization will have to move away from the retail mail centre in the North Side.

According to the real estate expert working for USPS facilities, David M. Wolff, they are not keen to move a facility that has been in the same place for a long time wherein the entire community is already used to the set up.

Because of the cost it is taking a toll on USPS while on the location as well as the unresolved issue that has been going on with the landlord in California, the postal service organization made a decision to consider other tenancy options. This is what Wolff said in a statement during the public hearing that was held inside the chambers of the Youngstown City Council.

For the past few years, USPS has been thinking about relocating the facility. It was back in the 1960s when the post office started operation at its current location which is the Guadalupe address. The website of the auditor of Mahoning County published that the owner of the site is California’s CDJC LLC.

For the new location of the facility at the North Side, there are five locations that were considered on the list by the postal service. Out of the five, only one was included in the discussions and it is the Union Square Plaza located at Gypsy Lane and Belmont Avenue. The locations included on the list will be taken into considerations and if customers are to suggest other locations then it will also be entertained as long as it is submitted within a 30-day period right after the hearing.

Wolff also shared that it is the aim of the post office to resolve the issue as fast as possible but they also recognize that the move to relocate can differ in terms of the time. The same can be said by https://www.officefitoutsaustralia.com.au/ when the firm does its office fit outs. Every client has different request and every package may require a different time frame.