Universities Below Average Says Education Ministry

According to the Office of Higher Education Commission, the curriculum of nearly 200 universities did not meet the standards. The agency added that they are going to post on its website the list of the said universities. These are local universities and do not include British international School in Bangkok.

SupatChampatong, the secretary general of Office of Higher Education Commission, said that they have looked at the evaluation results between 2015 and 2016 to determine the education quality for those two years.

He added that of the total 9,099 curricula, 182 of them did not meet the standard that is set by the commission. The failure was evident in those two consecutive years.

Ohec will be posting the list of the universities on their website, mua.go.th, for the very first time. He explained the decision to name them is for the students to be able to receive the education they deserve from a university that meets the country’s standard.

Mr. Supat received a mandate from the commission to notify the university councils of those educational institutions that did not meet the standard and to ask them to refrain from accepting new students in the meantime.

The universities will then be ordered to make improvements in their curricula and raise their standards to above average in a span of 90 days.

In majority of the cases, the main cause for their subpar curricula is the lack of teachers.

He said that most of these universities do not have enough lecturers and their course structures are not meeting the requirement set by the commission.

In the case of a university not meeting the standard within the 90 days given, the commission will have another discussion on their next step. The next steps will most likely require the university councils to shut down the courses that are having issues and the students will be transferred to another faculty.

Mr. Supat clarified that the commission does not have the authority to mandate the universities to prohibit accepting new students or shut down their curricula but the cooperation of the schools can be requested. They must improve in order to compete with graduates from excelling schools such as British International School in Bangkok.