Using Media Intelligence For A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Media intelligence is the process of gathering data from social media conversations and news articles after which data is analyzed to allow better decision making for a business. When media intelligence is used properly, brands will able to track themselves and their competitors including the relevance of their content and themes. There are four key points wherein media intelligence can be used in content marketing strategy.

  1. After identifying content that you would like to focus on, the media intelligence tool can be used to identify authors, bloggers and influencers who are writing the same topic as yours. Hopefully, they will allow you to post some of their articles or have them share your content when you approach them properly. You can even make an offer to work together on some content features.
  2. Once you have made plans on the kind of content, media intelligence can be used to aggregate content around the topic. Media intelligence tools can be used to determine gaps in conversations. There are certainly relating areas that have not been covered; it can be the opportunity to create content that will successfully fill the gaps. You can recycle content that has performed well so as to maximize its success and reach a wider audience.
  3. Media intelligence will also help in knowing what the customers are reading and whether they are engaging with your content. Identify new opportunities that you can use in your content strategy.
  4. To determine whether you are giving your target audience what they want, check out the number of shares, mentions, tags and comments that your content has generated. If a theme is trending, you will notice spikes in activity. Always make the effort to monitor your competitors, industry patterns and keywords to determine whether there has been a change in trends. Be flexible and create content around new themes.

It is very likely that you understand the importance of content marketing but you do not know how to start a campaign. It takes a bit of hard work to create content that is bound to be a marketing success. Outsource it to marketing professionals who can implement a customized content plan.