Vaccine Bill Revised To Broaden Waiver Granted For Homeschooled Students

In California, a bill was recently proposed wherein students will be required to get a vaccine before they are accepted in schools. The bill received some revision after some concerns regarding the restriction of availability of public schools to kids because of the said bill.

A voting will decide the result of the bill while Senate Education Committee’s members are not sure about the new revised bill.

Democratic Senators Ben Allen of Santa Monica and Richard Pan of Sacramento are the head of the legislation. The said legislation will now take away the parents’ authority since the immunizations are required by the state if they want their kids to go to school despite their personal belief against vaccines. The only students whose waiver will consider are those with medical condition – applicable to both private and public schools.

Some changes were made by Allen and Pan to the proposed bill which touches the exemption given to children who are under home schooling. The original mandate said that homeschooled students are only exempted if members of the group belong in a single family.

The change now allows exemption to homeschooled students who belong in a group coming from different household.

Another exemption was added by Allen and Pan, this time to students who are participating in an independent study program which is also coordinated by the school system.

Pan gave a statement at a news conference help in the presence of polio victims which expresses his confidence in the passing of the bill since the concerns presented by the education committee are already rectified. He is not confirming victory though.

Senator Carol Liu, spokesman for the state and chairman of the committee, admits that she is pro-vaccination but she wants to know what the rest of the members have to say regarding the amendments.

In order to be presented to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the bill must gather five votes out of the nine committee members. When the bill was presented to the Senate Health Committee, it was noted that only Pan and Sen. Bill Monning were the ones who are in favor of the bill.