Vegetarian-Friendly Places In The World

If you are a frequent traveller and a vegetarian at the same time, there is a struggle in letting people know that you don’t consume meat. You should learn the translation of the phrase “I am a vegetarian” in all non-English speaking countries you visit. One of the good news is that there are many establishments now that cater to vegetarians. One can easily find a vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai because of the number of tourists that visits the city of Thailand. Here is a list of other places you should visit and be assured to be served a vegetarian meal.

In Europe, the top vegetarian country is Italy because of the high number of vegetarians in the continent. There are many vegetarian dishes in the area and the most common are pasta dishes, salads, vegetable concoctions that are either sautéed or grilled and risottos.

For vegetarians, India is a haven because the country alone has 500 million residents who are non-meat consumers. Aside from this, there is a variety to the cuisine in the region that one would think it is composed of several nations instead of one. For the best vegetarian experience, Gujarat is worth visiting because they practice Jainism which considers all living things to be sacred.

Visiting Hong Kong might make you think that they are not vegetarian as they consume almost all types of living things but this is where people are wrong. As long as you can relate that you are vegetarian in the local language, you will be served with innovative vegetarian dishes. Another country worth visiting is Singapore because this is where one can find authentic Chinese dishes classified as vegetarian. In fact, the country has a total of 360 vegetarian restaurants.

Thailand is a vegetarian-friendly country with inexpensive dishes as well as a variety of tasty street food. In replacement for meat, the people use tempeh and tofu. You can also get a vegetarian cuisine in Chiang Mai which is located in the north of Thailand. The town alone has a total of 80 vegetarian spots where one can get organic dishes.