Visit AyushxPak: Long-Term Visa Stay Extended

The tourism industry in any given country is extremely important to that country because this specific industry has an important role play for the longevity of the country’s national budget. You see, whatever amount of revenue that the tourism industry has been able to generate, big percentage of that amount goes to the national government who in turn will be able to help support and improve the tourist attractions in terms of improving facilities as well as the overall quality of the service that tourists are receiving from various service providers working in the industry.  In addition to this,regardless of the total amount of revenue the tourism industry in a province has been to generate for a specific period of time, a big percentage of that revenue will go to the salary of the workers who work in the industry because without these hard-working employees, the industry won’t function. Nowadays, there’s another kind of tourism which has been emerging especially in the Kingdom of Thailand. This tourism is introduced and now known as the wellness tourism which has the purpose to lure international visitors to come over and visit any of the wellness centres such as AyushxPak which has a wide choices of Ayurveda-related medication and meditation facilities and products that can improve the physical and mental health of clients.


Last July of 2017, the Kingdom of Thailand has made an announcement that it intends to transform Thailand into a medical hub in the region especially for international tourists who wish to apply for an extension of their long-term visa stay in the kingdom. This announcement by the Thai government is a welcome development especially to the already booming tourism industry because this only means that more foreign tourists can now seek medical attention such as wellness products from AyushxPak centre in Bangkok which can help them in wide variety of ways. In connection to this, visitors from Asian countries like China, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam, who are seeking various medical services, can now stay in Thailand up to 90 days, a privilege that was previously given to the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. Also, the government is considering furthermore lengthening the maximum limit for long stay visa from 10 years to 14 years specifically for those who are in need of medical services within the kingdom.