Warning Released For Mobile Users To Be Wary Of Rogue Apps

Application stores are the number destination of smartphone users when they want to download an app since it is considered a safe place compared to third party applications. This is not the case nowadays as there are more and more cyber criminals that are penetrating the market just to deliver malware to users’ phone.

It was only recently that Symantec, a solutions provider for cyber security, revealed that they have detected a rogue app in the Google Play Store. The app is called Beaver Gang Counter and the upfront description says that it is able to record the score of the player in another card game widely played these days. The app is deceptive as its true purpose upon installation is to scan the media files of the user’s phone and search for anything that is connected to Viber. These files are then set to a remote server.

The official Android store has verification procedures done on applications before they are posted in the market but unfortunately, there are some that is able to pass the security check of Google Play Store.

Viber is considered one of the most used apps nowadays since there is a record of 500 million downloads from Android users alone. According to the blogpost by Symantec, the data that are gathered by the malware could be used for different reasons including blackmail, pornography, theft and fraud.

Symantec has long since warned Google about the app and they have responded positively by removing the app as well as its developer in the market of Google Play Store.

Since this kind of app has been developed, it is now evident that Android users are on the risk of having their photos retrieved and used. It was only a year ago that private photos from many of the widely known celebrities has been leaked online. It was found out that the hackers are able to do so by gaining access to their Apple iCloud service.

Mobile app development in Singapore and the rest of the world is very common thus users are on the risk everyday especially with private information stored inside their phone. It is important to be wary and install only apps from trusted developers.