Wedding Costs Soar In Victoria

Putting a value on weddings is as unpleasant as putting a value on love.  The moment any bride takes her steps down the aisle is priceless. However, the cold and hard reality is that after weddings, a lot of Australian couples go into debt. The couple still bears the biggest part of the costs even though their families contributed financially.


Wedding figures and costs

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission released official figures and estimates $36,200 to be the average cost of doing a wedding in Australia. However, anecdotal evidence says it is much higher.

Jessica McLeod from One Fine Day Wedding Fair says that it’s around $45,000 up to $50,000. She adds that wedding costs are justified since weddings are more than just a day, and a wedding is like sending off a couple to the future with a large celebration. Weddings are a time to do an event, style it and show a couple’s personality. These celebrate life and are also a happy occasion.


Social media influencing trends for weddings

Fiona Scanlon from Peter Rowland says that new trends are showing that couples are spending more per person in terms of food but spending lesser overall since they keep the numbers minimal. She adds that people are a foodie now which has been making the trend.

Dr. Lauren Rosewarne, a social scientist from Melbourne University, mentions that the motivation for spending on weddings is partly because of narcissism which social media has a part in.


Weddings with more personality

Choice magazine in Australia released a report that found out that couples pay more premiums to get married, known as the wedding tax. A bride as well as a wedding planner called 36 business in Melbourne and Sydney, and the bride was given higher quotes in half of the cases.

Couples want to create their own wedding style. However, more personality means more money with a lot of party, caterers, table, chair or Marquee for Hire in Melbourne and around Australia taking interest or advantage of wedding trends through supplying only bare minimums.

Dr. Rosewarne mentions that a focus on originality and an attempt at being unique all costs money.