Wedding Photographers Should Avoid Offering Engagement Photo Shoot

There are many challenges that come with being starting wedding photography in Sydney and being a photographer in general. One of them is how to price the services that the photographer offers. It is usual to see wedding photographers offering their wedding packages along with a free engagement photo shoot. There are several reasons why photographers should stop treating engagement photo shoots as additional services only.

First and foremost, when you use the term free when offering engagement photo shoots together with the wedding package, it means that the service is complimentary and could be treated as having low or no value at all. The truth is that an engagement photo session is quite important because it is a way for the couple and the photographer to know each other and to have a more personal relationship. This is a way to make the couple comfortable as they are posing for the camera and in return, the wedding pictures will turn out more natural and beautiful as it is meant to be. This means that an engagement session will require time and effort from thus it should not be treated as a compliment to a package or a free service to the couple.

Clients who think that their engagement session was not something they paid for and came as a free service, they are less likely to prepare and put in much effort compared to something they have paid for with their hard-earned money. If they paid, they will take the time to prepare the clothes they are going to wear and put more effort into the session.

Wedding packages should start at a lower price which excludes all the add-ons. This means that you present a wedding package and introduce the price of the engagement session later on. Couples are more likely to book wedding photography in Sydney if they know that each services offered comes with a price thus it is considered of high value. Lastly, you can separate the costs of the printed photos instead of combining it with a package in order to receive more requests for prints. This guide is not a concrete pricing structure strategy and might work for some and not for others.