West Australia Burglary Numbers Hit All Time High

Recently, the trend of thorough home security measures have popped up all over the world, with security companies offering more advanced and varied security measures for homeowners everywhere. It has now become more and more common to see home alarm systems in Perth complimented with auxiliaries such as motion sensors or CCTV surveillance.

Recent data shows that such drastic measures are not excessive, however.

Police statistics released by the West Australia Police Department shows that home burglaries in the state have hit a record high in a 13-year time frame, with January recording clocking in a total of 2790 homes being broken into, averaging at about 90 homes per day. This value is a noted increase from January of last year, which clocked in at 2700, or three less break ins every day.

These figures translate to an average of a home robbery occurring somewhere in WA once every 16 minutes, and are the highest recorded since the January of 2014, which recorded a total of 3052 home burglaries for that month.

It was at that same year when Karl O’Callaghan started his tenure as WAPD Police Commissioner, and started his implementation of his burglary reduction strategy, which was quite successful; having managed to reduce break-ins to 2144 by the January of 2010.

These results were published two weeks before the upcoming state election, which was then promptly capitalized by the Labor party, who accused the Government of having failed to properly deal with the issues that were the root of crime, such as the meth crisis.

The Police Minister, Liza Harvey, rebutted, stating that crime during the month of January went down by around 800, in comparison to the preceding January, it just so happened that burglaries simply became more commonplace, which has been watched by both companies and customers for the home alarm systems in Perth.

She adds that it was fairly unreasonable to compare crime data from 2004 to that of 2017, due to the subsequent increase in population during that time.

The Police Union’s President, George Tilbury, asked for cooperation from the two major political parties, and asked for help in hiring additional officers over a time span of four years.

He states that the data shows that criminals are noticing how the police forces are spread thin, and are taking advantage of that. Mr. Tilbury stated that they are currently losing the battle against crime, but with about 1000 more able-bodied officers, they could win the war.