What Is In Store For Gardening This 2017?

Fashion and color of the year is not the only things that go out of style, gardening has its own trends too. For this year, there will a wide range of gardening trends including a more organic food, clean and healthy living by making use of less chemicals, buffer sirens, sound-scaping with trees and birds that will bring the joy of music.

According to the creative director of Garden Media Group, Katie Dubow, people will see a lot of improvements in terms of gardening in the years to come. It does not matter what plants you are trying to grow, wherever you might be in the world. The ability of people to do gardening no matter the time of year is the reason why this category is considered very important. There will be a big change in terms of having access to healthier food options, every season of the year.

Dubow admitted that of all the trends, Uber is her favorite. In an estimate made by experts, it is expected that in the next two years each person will have a subscription service that will average at around eight. She also shared the two major reasons why many people are not trying their hand in gardening – knowledge and time. She believes that these hurdles can be overcome with the right delivery model and eventually encourage more people to try gardening.

Some of the expected gardening trends in 2017 are:

  • Tish Llneza, owner of Countryside Gardens located in Hampton, Va, said that millennials will continue their quest to grow their own food, cocktails, medicine, beer and teas. There are new technology that makes it possible for them to grow whatever they want, no matter the time of year.
  • Peggy Krapf who works for Heart’s Ease Landscape & Garden Design located in Williamsburg, Va, said that less grass will start becoming a trend. Lawns may not be totally eliminated in a yard but property owners will minimize the use of turf grass.
  • Krapf also said that natural landscaping will become a more common thing. Landscaping require quite an investment. You either come up with your own ideas and do it or brainstorm ideas from your landscaper and have them execute it. It is expected that landscapes will have a more natural theme by using natural stones and repurposed items.