What Is It With Baseball And Insurance Marketing?

For a consumer, baseball might not be directly relevant to insurance and this is where on might have to pause and think about this assumption. Maybe baseball and insurance are linked after all? If you are a fan of the sport then you might be able to see that many insurance brands have plastered their business on billboard, awards as well as stadiums. This is evident that insurers are impressed with the impact of baseball in their insurance marketing campaigns.

In fact, there is a direct link between baseball sponsorship and insurance. It does not mean that only insurance brands that are representing the sport of baseball are able to make use of this opportunity. All type of insurance can make use of this chance to market their brands and post it behind the box of the batter or they can sponsor an event for awarding during the end-of-season.

If you are a fan, all you have to do is watch during the All-Star Weekend and you will be able to witness various names and brands from insurances company that are plastered everywhere during the voting process of the MLB All-Star.

According to the manager of brand sponsorships from Esurance, Kristen Gambetta, the company is giving more attention to the favorite past time of America. This is because baseball is happening throughout the entire year and the fan base is something they want to target – dedicated and engaged.

She also said that the number of baseball fans, the reach of the sport and the engagement level of the audience is something that has never been witnessed in any other sports before. The company is headquartered in the United States and they also have a branch in Canada thus they thought that marketing through baseball is the right path for them.

The Allstate company used to sponsor around 40 different brands until 2014 when they decided that it is time to focus on just a few of them. They are currently sponsoring four for their insurance marketing campaigns including MLB, the San Francisco 49ers NFL team, Minor League Baseball or MiLB and SXSW or South By Southwest which is a music festival held in Austin, Texas.