Why Change Of Season Is The Perfect Time To Landscape

One of the advices given by Culpeper landscaping alumni is to improve your landscaping during the change of the season – summer turning to autumn. Your pots and baskets may have had their share of the summer and a touch of autumn color can be a refreshing site. Before fall arrives is the best time to buy topsoil along with mulch. Getting things ready for your landscaping and garden projects is best during the change of the season mainly because of sales on trees and shrubs.

If your whole yard looks intimidating to be improved all at once, it is best to begin at your front door and work your way out. You can start by painting your pots with the seasonal colors and buying ceramic containers that are frost resistant. You can also opt for colors that will complement your door thus you don’t have to change it for a year if you like. The accent color can be used in your door mat and house number for more appeal.

The good thing about having plants is that you can trim them if they grow too big for your property or if they do not add to the overall aesthetics anymore. You can remove everything and start with new fresh plants if needed. This is important if your windows are already covered with shrubbery and the natural light could barely pas through. This will not only improve your house’s exterior but interior as well.

The best option for foundation plants are dwarf evergreens because they come in different sizes, colors and forms. If you buy the authentic ones, they only grow a minimum of half inch annually thus they are perfect to be placed under windows as well as front entries. You don’t have to do pruning every year and they do not obstruct natural light coming through the windows.

According to Culpeper landscaping alumni, you can choose to have your landscaping in autumn shades or decide on cooler ones such as pink and purple. You can also choose a theme for every part of your landscape and play around with the color scheme.