Window Treatments For Your Bathroom

The bathroom trend for window covering has evolved greatly over the years. Back in the 80s and 90s, the trend is frilly lace curtains along with simple roller blinds that comes in very unflattering fabrics they tend to make the entire window worn out before it has even stayed a day.

After which, people decided that it is best to not cover the windows in the bathroom because the process is just too hard and if you chose roller blinds made to measure it can be costly. This is only an acceptable solution to bathroom windows with frosted glass but those with clear ones should have realized that they could be exposed in an embarrassing way.

Now we are in a new era where there are many options when it comes to treatments for the bathroom windows. There are factors that could affect your decision such as the décor inside, the choice of the client and the allowed budget. Bathrooms nowadays can be as simple as a powder room or it can be transformed into a chamber that resembles the vibes of a spa and all its luxury.

If you want the most practical solution, plantation shutter is the answer. You can opt for materials such as aluminum panels and PVC. These are materials that do not easily cave in to moisture and steam and is suitable for the humid environment inside the bathroom. Steer clear from shutters made of timber or MDF because it can swell when subjected to moist environment.

If you are looking to add luxury in your bathroom, add in a sheer curtain that runs from ceiling to floor. This will give it the spa-like transformation but it should be washable to keep moulds and moisture from developing.

Roller blinds made to measure are affordable and easy to accomplish nowadays. Keep in mind that the fabric used should be resistant to moisture. It is not suitable to use sunscreens and sheer rollers because moisture can be trapped and eventually saturates the material. The ideal fabric should run off water and it should be resistant to moulds. Rollers blinds are cost-effective compared to other window treatments.