Yellow Ribbons Welcomed Armed Forces Of America Parade

Yellow Ribbons flock the streets in San Antonio as people there tie hundreds of these vibrant colored ribbons in order to honor the U.S Military that has protected their country and is continuing to protect them now.

The U.S Military have always been the protectors of their country. With courage, they were able to fend off dangers and maintain the peace within their borders. With all of their achievements, it is no doubt that they are more than qualified to receive inspiring movements from people who definitely idolize and thank them for everything they have done for the country.

The Yellow Ribbon Project were started recently and volunteers – those with relatives on the military no matter what age and those who are just simply thankful for them, have brought their yellow ribbons and attached them anywhere as they stroll down the River in San Antonio. The total ribbons that were tied were over 400 ribbons which definitely made quite a scene to behold in their place.
A Boy Scout named Nathan who was part of the volunteers that wrapped ribbons for the Military proudly shared that the majority of his family was part of the military, this includes his mom who was part of the special intelligence division while his father is down in the Medical Center of Brooke Army.

The volunteers had initiate the project early in the morning in order to prepare for the parade that will feature the Armed Forces of the United States of America. It was said that the parade has managed to get over 15,000 people watching it which only goes to show how much respect and gratitude the people have for the Military of America.

Another Boy Scout, Logan, who’s also 11 years of age expressed his excitement as to when the venerable military force – newbies and veterans alike, notice the colorful ribbons that they have hung. He also shared that what made it more meaningful was the fact that he also had relatives that we’re in the forces.
Each ribbon cost about $5 each. The community supported the event by funding these ribbons which citizens hung on the surroundings.