Young Girl Starts An Orange Ribbon Movement For Christian Deaths By ISIS

Orange Ribbon Movement starts at a small act in Pennsylvania as a young girl express her emotion regarding the cruel deaths of Christian at the hands of devious ISIS militants. Recently, the ISIS group have been roaring across the whole world with the ‘beheadings’ of the Christians they have captured. As a Christian herself, Jacie Adcock, 11-year old child, expressed her grief and anger about this dismaying news. She said that her emotions have reached the peak where she herself made a move. That is the ‘Orange Ribbon’ project.

The merciless oppression of the ISIS to the Syrian Christians made Adcock very upset and so, she made orange ribbons for the Church she’s in at Pennsylvania – the ‘Andrews Chapel’ United Methodist Church. She said that this simple act that she started was in order to express her protest about the recent killing spree of the militant group.

Her grandmother on the other hand, Debra Tarleton, encouraged people to lend a hand in this simple, one step movement from their small church. She also said that the ribbons is in order to support by faith those hundreds of thousands of Christians that were cruelly slain by the extreme militant group.

The small act from the child was heard by the national ‘Ribbons for Rescue’ Organization. Now, the project that started from them will be spread internationally which can also be viewed in the site of the RFRO. The group was also the inspiration of Adcock to take action as she wanted to take part on the organization’s ideals. She started with around 30 ribbons for the whole congregation of their Church recently and now it has become a national movement.

On the other hand, Fox news gave light as to why orange was the chosen color for the ribbons. They said that it was because all captives that fell on the hands of ISIS militants wore orange jumpsuits. The color will be the sign that we remember and support the deaths of the fallen Christians across the seas. Tarleton also encouraged people to specially wear the orange ribbons when ‘National Day of Prayer’ comes, however, it could also be worn daily to remind people of the tragic killings that happened.